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Top Dragster Engine Packages

This is an example of a very affordable and durable Top Dragster Engine we build. This combination made 1103 hp and 865 lbs of torque. Our price on this motor is $18995.00 the way you see it pictured. Here are some of the features.

  • 598 Cube Dart Sportsman Chevrolet Big Block featuring:
  • Callie Magnum Forged Steel Crank
  • Callie Forged Steel Rods
  • 14 to 1 Diamond Aluminum Pistons
  • LSM Roller Cam
  • C.F.E. BMF Heads
  • Manly Stainless Steel Valves
  • Jesel Sportsman Rockers
  • PAC Valve Springs
  • Profiler Sniper Manifold
  • 1250 Carb by Dale at Cubic Flow Modifications
  • MSD Crank Trigger
  • MSD Ignition
  • Moroso Wet Sump Pan
  • Moroso Oil Pump

Of course this just one example of what we can build for your Top Dragster. At Holbrook Racing Engines we can work with you on designing your ultimate Holbrook Top Dragster Engine. Holbrook Top Dragster Engines are built for consistent power. When you dial in, you’ll be sure that your engine won’t let you down. Let us know what your needs are. Contact Chris for a quote.