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Saturdat Shootout Series

Milan Logo

Holbrook Racing Enginesois the title sponsor for Milan Dragway's new Saturday Shootout Series. This sponsorship will allow Milan Dragway to track the points in all seven classes and award Champion's Coats, Trophies and Gold Cards at the Milan Dragway's Champion's post season banquet. Holbrook Racing Engines will be awarding free engine dyno packages to select classes. To be eligible for points, racers must display the Holbrook Racing Engines Shootout Series decal. This series will consist of six Heads Up classes and one E.T. class. The Saturday Shootout Series is designed to allow budget minded racers to compete in a Heads Up racing program that will provide maximum fun. No matter what type of engine you run, Holbrook Racing Engines can help you with your program. We handle any type of engine from Street Cars to Mountain Motor Pro Stock Engines. See Milan Dragway's web site for more info on the 2009 Saturday Shootout Series.

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Darrens Polished Engine

One of our Latest Engines

This Custom CNC Dart block features a radically raised 70 mm cam tunnel with relocated lifter bores and 9.600 deck height. With a crank stroke of 4.470 and a 4.810 bore this will be a 650 cube Truck Pull engine.

View of the block

The lifter bores are arranged for 5 inch bore spacing to fit a set Pro Stock Ford Hemi Heads. The lifter bores are keyed 1.062 size and will have some real stubby 9/16" pushrods riding on them.Daley Oil Pump

The 70 mm 9 journal roller bearing cam tunnel has been raised for crankshaft clearance and to shorten up the pushrod distance.

Darren grinding the Manifold

The pistons are Diamond custom designed to for our Hemi heads with a ceramic coating on top and a moly coated skirts. They've been gas ported are a two ring design. The camshaft is a 1.260 lift LSM custom made to our specs. The intake valve is 2.70 diameter and the exhaust is a 2.0 titanium with custom backcutting. W&W rocker arms are used in this engine.

Polished Manifold

The main caps are Weston and the rods are 6.250 length aluminum GRP.

Darren in the valley of intake

These massive AR cast aluminum Hemi Heads are designed for IHRA Pro Stock and have ported my our CNC program.

New Heads

The heads feature Copper Beryllium seats and ports large enough for a cat to crawl through. We'll have more on this engine once we get it together and put it on the dyno.


Dyno Time Available

We currently have openings in our dyno schedule. Our DTS Powermark dyno will give you all the data you need to perfect your combination. We have generations of experience to apply to your project. The time you spend on our dyno will greatly reduce the frustrating situations that commonly occur when trying new setups or complete engine packages. With the increased cost of getting to the track, wasting a weekend can be so much more expensive than a $750.00 day of dyno testing. Price does not include fuel, food, comsumables and special services.